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Gay Models and Actors
Do you have a favourite gay model or adult gay porn actor? Gay Resources Online is the ultimate source of information and gossip about the hottest gay models and actors in the gay porn industry.

Do you like blonds or brunettes; large or small cut or uncut; white or black or asian? Not to worry, there is an abundance of all types of gay models and gay actors in the world today. From Ken Ryker to Tom Chase to Kane O’Farrell, these gay models and actors come from all walks of life, cultures and countries. Discover for yourself the history and biographies of each of your favourite porn stars in the adult gay film industry.

About Gay Models and Gay Actors
Have you ever fantasized about your favourite gay model or gay actor? Chances are all of us have in some point lusted over the beyond human muscular and toned bodies of some of these gay models, as well as been mesmerized by their large and satisfying packages. From hairy chested to clean-shaven gay actors, the gay porn industry is full of hot and sexy gay men who bear it all for us. Thank goodness for these men, as we have all stroked to the beat of their sexy and steamy scenes as well as the music in these adult films.

Most gay models truthfully had no idea that they wanted or even could star in gay movies. Usually discovered by gay film industry experts, sometimes on the beach or at a gym or sometimes at a bath house of gay circuit event, these gay actors decide to join the ranks because of the excitement, sex and beautiful gay men that they meet on set.

Working as a Gay Model and It's Perks and Downfalls
However, as most gay models and actors have pointed out, their work is very tiring and tough at times. With long hours and multiple shoots for each scene, what we see on gay video is really the cream of the crop. Approximately 90% of all gay video shot is either thrown out, or added to special features on gay video DVDs. Just think about that … if you are watching a one hour long gay video, chances are you are only watching 10% of the entire video footage taken by the gay film producers. It’s actually quite amazing what these sexy and hot gay men have to do on set to prepare themselves and keep themselves looking great and hard.

As a viewer, there are many types of gay models and gay actors out there. From masculine to feminine gay men, these videos take us through scenes that are usually very sexy and steamy resulting in multiple orgasms on screen. It’s the ultimate release for gay men watching these hot and handsome gay men come all over their counterparts. It’s no wonder why gay videos are the biggest selling products online for gay men. We sure love gay erotica and sex!

Our Favourite Gay Models
When it comes to gay models and gay actors, we all have our favourites. Some of the latest polls have shown an increase in interest in Kane O’Farrell, Tom Chase, Erik Rhodes, Dean Monroe, Matthew Rush, Ken Ryker, Roman Heart and Josh Weston. Some of these gay actors are only in their early 20s while others are creeping up to their mid-30s. Nonetheless, all of them represent the hottest and sexiest gay men alive, and you can have them one-on-one at home or on your couch.

For many gay men, they treat gay videos as their career. Many of the gay actors enjoy this career so much, that they stay in the adult porn industry until they retire. Have photos of themselves plastered all over film producers website, fan galleries and their own personal gay actor websites can be quite daunting sometimes, but most of these gay models and actors cherish this part of their lives. After all, being a gay actor or gay model with great looks is enough to get you noticed and famous.

Our Favourite Gay Actors and Gay Film Production Companies
Falcon Studios and Colt Studios in our perspective creates and introduces the most number of new up-and-coming gay models and actors. As the largest gay video producers in the world, these companies actually have training and recruitment staff who find the hottest young talent on the streets. The ultimate prize for a gay model or actor is having your parts duplicated into adult gay sex toys. That way, you are forever recognized and enjoyed by millions around the world.

Gay Resources Online is your ultimate guide to gay videos and gay actors. Not only will you find autobiographies and great pictures of gay men and models, but you’ll also read about recent interviews and gay video reviews. Browse this section for the latest gossip and news surrounding the adult gay movie industry. Enjoy.

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