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Are you interested in gay videos, movies and gay erotica? This is your source for the latest news and gossip about gay video releases from the major film production studios.

Chances are you’ve heard of Falcon Studios or Colt Studios or Sean Cody film productions. These represent the latest and greatest in adult gay film and erotica. Call it gay porn or erotica, these gay movies are one of the hottest selling items online for gay men. Not only are gay videos easily accessible these days, but you can either purchase videos in DVD or VHS format or you can even what these gay adult films by streaming over the internet.

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Gay Videos and Internet Technology
Yes, technology has caught up to the demands of gay men. It wasn’t too long ago that gay men had to purchase gay videos over the phone or at a gay porn store. Nowadays, gay men can just go onto their computer, browse the internet for gay erotica or gay videos, and voila, hundreds upon hundreds of websites providing the latest new releases from the gay film production studios.

It’s really that easy today to find gay porn on the internet. And for most of us, the more the better! First came the VHS gay videos that you could purchase online … through secure or even non-secure internet transactions. As the ecommerce technology and software became more secure, so did technology in general. With the advent of the DVD, new gay videos and gay porn erotica emerged on this new medium. The advantage of DVDs is that they are truly interactive. From the gay video production itself, the film studios for gay erotica are able to add special features like interviews, games, previews for other gay adult films or even cut-outs from the original gay movie.

Advantages of Gay Movies on DVD
With DVDs, the gay film industry was able to create a sense of intimate interaction between the viewer and the gay models and actors themselves. This has catapulted many gay models and actors into stardom, which in turn results in great sales for gay video and gay erotica. With previews of upcoming gay movie releases, gay film producers are able to advertise and market new films before they are even filmed or released. How’s that for clever marketing to gay men?

The latest technology to hit gay videos and gay movies is streaming video. What streaming gay video is, is video that is played over the internet, usually over high-speed connections. Not only is there no physical gay video (like a VHS or DVD), but it is all conducted online. Gay men will pay their fee online, click on a button on the browser and view the video online. Everything is on the computer and stays on the computer. The area of streaming gay video and gay erotica is exponentially growing throughout the world. One reason for this recent explosion is that streaming gay video does not require shipping costs or any waits. It’s all about convenience and cost, and streaming gay video and streaming gay erotica does it best.

Famous Gay Actors in Gay Videos
Some of the most famous gay porn film producers include Falcon Studios (which has introduced stars such as Tom Chase, Ken Ryker, Matthew Rush and many others), Bel Ami Gay Studios, Colt Studios (catered towards the older and more mature audience), Sean Cody (films of straight guys going at it with gay boys), Centaur Films (geared towards the bear and older audience) and many more. For a full collection of gay erotica and gay video producers, please read below.

Of course, not all gay movies and erotica come from gay production studios. Take for instance many popular gay television shows. On TV, you will find the popular shows like Will and Grace, Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk. On the grand-movie theatre side, there has been movies that have gay orientation in Philadelphia, Touch of Pink and the more recent Brokeback Mountain. For the Hollywood productions, we have seen a gradual liberalization and opening up to gay oriented movies and films.

Soft Gay Videos and other Gay Erotica
Of course, there are also numerous gay movie production studios that focus on soft porn. These are gay videos that do not have sex and actually tell a compelling story and development of gay actor characters. These are films usually written and produced by gay men and sometimes depict autobiographies or non-fiction books.

All in all, gay movies and gay erotica is becoming increasingly more convenient then before. With the internet age pushing forward, gay erotica and movies are easily purchased online via secure online transactions. You can either choose the standard VHS or DVD gay movies or you can watch gay porn online through streaming video. All of these options are available to you at the click of your mouse so what are you waiting for?

List of Gay Film Production Studios

Adam Homo Enter. Italian Prod.
Adam Male Productions
Al Parker Prod. (Pacific Sun.)
Aliance Atlantis
All Worlds Video
Ardustry Home Entertainment
Arena Entertainment
Asian Guys Videos
BBC Video
Bel Ami Studios
Bent Productions
BIC Productions
Big Blue Productions
Blade Productions
Blue Blake Productions
Boiling Point Productions
BPD Excellence
Buckshot Productions
Cazzo Films
Celsius Films
Centaur Films
CockTease Productions
Colt Studio
Culture Q Connection
D&E Productions
Daddy Oohhh! Productions
DEJ Productions/World of Wonder
Delta Video
Dolphin International
Equinoxe Films
Euroman Video
Exotic Productions
Falcon Classics
Falcon International
Falcon Studios
Filmco Video
First Run Features
Flash Conway
Fox Studio
Frenesi Films
Goldeco Pictures
Guardian Pictures
High Octane
Hot House Entertainment
Huge Video/FalconIFC Films
Int'l Amateur Adult Video
Jaguar Productions
Jet Set Productions
Jocks Classics
Jocks Studios
Joseph Kramer
Jour de Fete
K.Films Amérique DVD
Kristen Bjorn Productions
Latin Connection
Lions Gate Films
Lot 47 Films
Lucas Entertainment
Lucas International
Lucas Kazan Productions
Male Media One
ManHunter Video
Man's Art
Men at Work
MSR Videos
Mustang Classics
Mustang Studios
New Line
New Video
New Yorker Films
Oh Man! Productions
Pacific Sun Entertainment
Paladin Video
Pat & Sam
Picture This
Pistol Media
Plain Wrapped Video
Priape Video
Private Man
Private Manstars
Productions Castor & Pollux
Raging Stallion Studios
Rascal Videos
Red Devils
Rev Releasing
Rising Moon Productions
Russian Video Distribution
Sarava Productions
Showtime Entertainment
Sierra Pacific
Sony Pictures Classics
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
South Beach Video
Strand Releasing
Street Corner Studios
Studio 2000
Sundance Home Entertainment
Surfside Studios
Tales from the Orphanage
Talk of the Town
The Body Shoppe
Thor Productions
Titan Media
TitanMen Fresh
TLA Releasing
Totally Tight Video
Tribal Pulse Productions
TVA Films
Tyger Films
Universal Video
Video 10
Warner Brother
Water Bearer Films
WIN Media
X-Out Entertainment
Zeitgeist Video

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