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Paul Morris’ Meat Packing Director’s Cut - Treasure Island Media Gay Porn

A Treasure Island Media gay film production by Paul Morris, the director’s cut is one of the best action barebacking films ever produced by TIM. Meat Packing by Paul Morris stars Dawson, the well known bottom boy who takes loads of cum multiple times from many different hot and sexy men.


With a boyish smile and a muscular bottom to die for, Dawson is truly the star of this Paul Morris Film called Meat Packing and now released is the Director’s cut for this gay movie. With nine steamy scenes and also a bonus barebacking scene at the end, the Meat Packing Treasure Island Media Paul Morris film is a one of a kind bareback action video that stars very handsome and sexy men going at it in record numbers. Just as the name suggests “Meat Packing” is all about packing as much meat and cum into Dawson’s ass as he can possibly handle, and that’s a lot.

Unlike earlier films, Meat Packing, the Director’s Cut, is actually filmed and directed by Max Sohl, an apprentice and up and coming filmographer who has a knack for finding the best scenes and positions for his gay men. This barebacking gay video called Meat Packing is eventually produced by Paul Morris himself, and the Treasure Island Media bareback videos collection is certainly not complete without this video. The total running time for Paul Morris’ Meat Packing gay bareback film is one hundred and thirty seven barebacking filled minutes, one of the longest and most engaging films ever to come out of the TIM studios.

One of the most recent releases by Treasure Island Media bareback series by Paul Morris, Meat Packing Director’s cut runs 137 minutes in length on DVD which also includes several previews to this hot action thriller. A joint collaboration by Max Sohl in addition to Paul Morris creates one of the most thrilling barebacking action videos for gay men and was only recently launched and released to much fanfare in July of 2006. A sequel follow-up to the widely successful Meat Rack Treasure Island Media film by director Max Sohl, Meat Packing Director’s Cut is somewhat different in that the bare back action is even hotter and the men are sweatier and raunchier this time around on Fire Island, where the gay video is filmed on location.

From scorching barebacking scenes to hot cum shots coming from everywhere, the Paul Morris’ Meat Packing Treasure Island Media film is basically three days of summer barebacking action summed into one DVD gay film that includes loads of cumshots into Dawson in addition to watersports, sucking and bareback action between sweaty men who seem to actually want to continue forever. In addition, Dawson, the star of the film is hot and hotter than before and takes it up the butt many times where hot men shoot their loads into his willing bottom. Meat Packing Director’s Cut by Max Sohl and Paul Morris is the latest in the Treasure Island Media bareback videos series and also presents a new butt whore called Jerek. In the end, Max Sohl’s Treasure Island Meat Packing gay video showcases not only Dawson, but also Brad McGuire who is a horse hung sexy gay man who loves hard core pumping action.

With Brad McGuire at his best, Dawson can only submit to this man in every way, and Brad in Meat Packing Treasure Island gay video also uses his cock, sperm, loads of cum to make all of the men submit to him. In addition, Andy Hunter makes his first appearance in a Treasure Island Media bareback film ever because of his strong ties to Max Sohl and Paul Morris of TIM studios. Some of the other barebacking gay presenters in Meat packing Director’s Cut include Tom McCarthy, Seth Scott, pat Jackson, Kirk Nadir, Matt Walker, Austin Shadow and Josh Buchanan.

Scene One of the Director’s Cut by Max Sohl and Paul Morris takes you to the stairs where once off the boat, Dawson and Brad McGuire hook-up for some barebacking action. AS mentioned above, Brad McGuire steals the show in some scenes for his huge cock and his spontaneous need to bareback and penetrate Dawson’s hole and the chemistry between Dawson and Brad is excellent throughout Meat Packing Treasure Island Media gay videos. These two gay men like each other, and the sparks keep flying as Brad McGuire yanks out his huge uncut piece of meat and starts banging away bareback against Dawson’s tight hole. The Treasure Island Media Meat Packing scene one sure sets the tone for the rest of the movie and Brad McGuires huge piece of meat is throbbing with veins and is uncut pleasures for Dawson. By shooting a huge load into Dawson, Brad stakes his claim as one of the best top bareback scenes in Treasure Island history and Dawson’s dripping cum butt hole is a site for gay men. Only available on the Treasure Island Media gay video Meat Packing Director’s Cut, Brad McGuire uses a butt plug funnel to trap the hot load of cum inside of Dawson and then pisses all over Dawson as if to stake his territory.

The second scene in day one of Meat Packing by Max Sohl and Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media involves the Meat Rack #1 which brings out the wildest and most cum-fest scenes in gay movie history on Fire Island. With Kirk Nadir as the bottom and Tom McCarthy as well as Matt Walker (two hunks) who top him, they fuck and unload their cum into Kirk in this hot Treasure Island movie scene in Meat Packing Director’s Cut by Paul Morris. With gobs of cum hanging and dripping out of Kirk, there is no better way to remedy this except for drinking some loads and asking for more. The Scene Three of the Director’s Cut for Meat Packing Treasure Island Media is by the shower and involves Dawson (again) as well as Tom McCarthy who is all hard and hot again. Also, Austin Shadow, with one of the largest cocks and beautiful bodies of all time fills Dawson’s hole once again through barebacking action. As they pound Dawson in Meat Packing TIM studio productions, Brad McGuire’s cum load from scene one keeps dripping out, which makes for one of the sexiest and hottest scenes in this movie. In addition to Brad’s cum load, both Austin and Tom deposit their cumshots into Dawson in Meat Packing Treasure Island Media by Max Sohl. The last scene from day one in Meat Packing by Paul Morris’s Treasure Island studios is an impromptu fuck that involves some guys who have seen the action and want some barebacking action of their one. Late afternoon comes Max and Jerek in addition to Pat Jackson with Austin Shadow and within minutes, these Treasure Island Men of Paul Morris’s Meat Packing Director’s Cut go at it. With double penetration and cum shots into Jerek, Pat and Austin get off their huge loads in incredible fashion.

One of the most tantalizing watersports scenes in recent memory by Paul Morris and Max Sohl shows Dawson taking all of Brad McGuire, Tom McCarthy and Austin Shadow’s morning ritual in this spirited spraying in Meat Packing the Director’s Cut only. Another impromptu scene in Meat Packing Treasure Island Media studio productions is Scene Six which involves gay men who just couldn’t resist the bareback action that was before them. Unscripted and not even planned, Max Sohl and Paul Morris features Treasure Island Media Meat Packing scene that involves Austin Shadow who is horse hung top as well as Brad McGuire the star of this scene with his vein-showing hard cock who penetrate deep into Dawson and comes complete with a double penetration scene as well.

Treasure Island Media’s Meat Packing Director’s Cut also shows both Austin and Brad unloading their cumshots straight into Dawson’s butthole, which is willing and ready. Another meat rack session shows up in scene seven of Meat Packing and it has Jerek as the bottom where Brad McGuire again bottoms (how much cum loads does this guy have?) including newby Seth Scott. Just like a dumpster accepting cum loads, Jerek becomes the passive bottom for both hunky gay men in Meat Packing Director’s Cut by Treasure Island Media. On the couch with Andy Hunter and Max, Treasure Island Media catches these two hot gay men along with Josh in these bareback scene that tests the limits of how far barebacking can go these days. Lastly, on the deck in scene nine of Treasure Island’s Meat Packing by Max Sohl gay video is Matt Walker ramming his huge hard package into Dawson as well as Pat Jackson who tag team and unload into Dawson’s hot ass.

The big finish occurs in Scene 10 of the Director’s Cut for T.I.M. and involves both Dawson and Jerek as the tight bottoms that open up their holes for bareback action by a gangbang that includes Brad McGuire again, Austin Shadow and all the other gay men who are fully loaded again. With more loads shooting into Dawson, this deep ball penetration action and pool side barebacking is one of the hottest on record for Treasure Island Media and it’s found in Meat Packing the Director’s Cut by Paul Morris and Max Sohl.

In this incredible film, Meat Packing Director’s Cut also features a bonus scene called grabbing the goods. One of the two bonus scenes by Paul Morris includes a scene where Brad McGuire pisses into the mouth of Jerek and there are also other preview scenes of other upcoming movies here. Again, a sequel to Meat Rack, the Meat Packing Director’s Cut by Treasure Island Media is a top gay film for the ages. You can purchase a Meat Packing DVD video online through the Treasure Island website for only fifty nine US dollars. Click on any image on this web page to get to this website to order your copy of Meat Packing today.

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