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Centaur Films – Gay Video and Movies
Looking for well-written stories, great acting and sexy gay men? Centaur Films releases a hot gay video title every month, so read more about Centaur today.

There are many gay movie production studios in the world, mostly concentrated in the United States and Europe. However, Centaur Films is unique in many ways. Firstly, the stories and movie plots are well written in every gay video. Secondly, the gay actors that Centaur Films has selected are well groomed and have movie acting experience. Thirdly, all Centaur Films exclusive gay models are sexy and beautiful men with awesome chiselled and sometimes hairy bodies. Yummy!

About Centaur Films – Gay Movie Production Studio
Based in North Hollywood in the US, Centaur Films gay video production studio is one of the most established companies in the gay adult film industry today. Releasing a top budget, high-quality and inspiring hot gay video release every month, audiences at Centaur Films can look forward to great video productions on a consistent basis. Centaur Films is about producing great gay video erotica from the ground up. Well written storylines and plots grace every Centaur Film gay video, as demanded by gay audiences time and time again.

What’s Different about Centaur Gay Movies and Films?
Through the use of live-action film, Centaur Films gay movie production studio is able to grab realistic action and acting shots from all exclusive Centaur models and actors. From love police car chases, to fire trucks with sexy gay men, even uniforms and cityscapes, Centaur Films makes sure that every piece of every gay video is authentic and real. Not only that, Centaur Films uses real horses, animals and guns in some scenes to make sure that the gay movie audience believes in the story. This is what true cinematography in the gay movie industry is all about, and Centaur Films is excellent at achieving this.

Centaur Films Productions – Adult Gay Video and Movies
With Centaur Films gay videos, you won’t find a scene with any dubbed sound effects, sounds or only music. What you see is what we see when producing the hot gay video. From the continuous live sound from Centaur Films exclusive actors and models, to their dialogue, everything is authentic. With the use of cinema verite style, Centaur Films has used a very traditional movie-making technique to produce the highest-quality gay video and films on the market. Centaur Films is not about mass producing adult gay videos. Centaur Films is about producing the best quality adult gay films.

Centaur Films Director and Gay Video Production Studios
Led by an award winning Director in Chip Daniels, Centaur Films has continued its great tradition from William Higgins and Matt Sterling. With most adult gay videos and films with just 400 cuts or less, Chip Daniels of Centaur Films gay productions uses almost 1,000 cuts per adult film to make sure that the best quality movie is produced. With original music scores written for each gay movie at Centaur Films, there are absolutely no loops in any of the Centaur movies. With realistic movie sets and great settings, no other gay production studio can compare to Centaur Films.

Centaur Films Exclusive Gay Actors and Models
From well known gay actors and models to lesser-known up and comers, Centaur Films gay video has chosen the sexiest gay men in the world to star in these featured films. From Matt Bradshaw to Sean O’Donnell to Max Grand, Centaur Film gay production studios features well hung, sexy and talented gay men who love to bare it all in front of the camera. Chosen for their amazing looks and great acting, the Centaur Films exclusive gay models and actors are handpicked and placed into certain roles that fit them best. With smooth and hairy gay men to white and black men, Centaur Films has featured gay men from all walks of life and backgrounds and will continue to do so.

The Centaur Films New Releases in Adult Gay Movies
As mentioned above, Centaur Films gay video productions releases a new exciting title every month. The latest releases are fun, sexy and steamy and will keep you hard and wanting more for months to cum!

Centaur Films Presents Wild Rangers 3
At 120 minutes in length, this Centaur Films new release is exciting, provocative and fun. The Director for Wild Rangers 3 is again Chip Daniels who pulls out all the greatest action scenes with awesome Centaur Films exclusive models who are hunky, sexy and very macho. In Wild Rangers 3 Centaur video, it’s about state rangers and cadets who go on a sex-crazed journey through manhood. Starring Centaur Films gay exclusive models in Brock Masters, Barrett Long, Timmy Thomas, Jacob Hall, Drew Peters, Kaleb Scott, Austin Shadow, Brad McGuire, Rico Suave, Dolph Donovich, Erik Austin, Devon, Jacques Moulin. You can purchase Wild Rangers 3 on the Centaur Films website for only $69.95 on DVD today.

Sean Storm’s Collector’s Edition
Centaur Films presents another great collector’s edition for Sean Storm, an excellent Centaur gay video model and actor. Starring Centaur Films exclusive gay models Sean Storm, Chip Daniels, Brock Masters, Brent Everett, Trey Rexx, Matt Sizemore, Brad McGuire, Tuck Johnson, Richie Fine and Yanko, Sean Storm’s Collector’s Edition is one of best films to come out of Centaur Films studio thus far. With horse hung gay models and actors, 15 sexy gay men, six hot and steamy scenes, Sean Storm’s Collector’s Edition follows Sean Storm’s gay porn career in 120 minutes. You can purchase Centaur Film’s Sean Storm’s Collector’s Edition for only $49.94 on DVD or VHS on the Centaur’s video website.

Featured Video by Centaur Films Studio
Currently, the featured film is Hot Cops, Volume 4 – Bustin’ Loose. It’s a great collection of 2 hours of non-stop gay action involving 11 Centaur Films exclusive models and actors. With an amazing twenty cum shot scenes in Centaur’s Bustin’ Loose, Sean O’Donnell, Matt Bradshaw, Max Grand and Adam Rom will sure make you sweating and hard by the end of the gay video. Available on DVD on the Centaur Films Studio website for only $69.95, you sure won’t be disappointed with this Centaur Films gay video purchase.

Want to become a Centaur Film Gay Video actor and model?
Becoming the next Centaur Films gay actor or exclusive model is just as easy as sending in your resume to their North Hollywood headquarters. By submitting an online form through the Centaur Films gay website, you will be entering your name, address, age, date of birth, email, phone number, and physical attributes. Centaur Films gay production studios for adult gay movies and films wants to know your height, weight, eye color, tattoos, hairy or smooth, cock size, cut or uncut, top, bottom or both, kissing, giving or receiving oral sex or both, rim, getting rimmed or both and much more. Through the screening process, Centaur Films gay production studio also wants to know if you don’t want to do something in a gay video, whether you actually want to become a star exclusive Centaur Films model and actor. In addition, you must submit a recent photograph gallery of yourself with you Centaur Films model application.

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