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StraightCollegeMen – The Island Series
If you haven’t checked out StraightCollegeMen, then this is the time to do so. With the recent gay video production of ‘The Island’ in Hawaii, StraightCollegeMen has produced one of the coolest and fun gay videos to date, with straight guys doing anything and everything.

The Island series of is split into four days and four gay videos. To celebrate the first year anniversary of StraightCollegeMen, they rented a log cabin in Hawaii and asked the straight college boys to hang out for a weekend slumber party. The previous year, StraightCollegeMen had rented 250 acres of the island of Hawaii for this filming, but this year, things were different, and the stakes were higher so straight college men went onto rent the entire island of Hawaii.

Day 1 The Island – StraightCollegeMen
The Island by features Sonny, Broderick, Rocky, Duke, Dean, Caleb and Ashton, all of whom left San Diego for the resort island of Hawaii for the taping of this gay video production by StraightCollegeMen. Not knowing what was going to happen, StraightCollegeMen proceeded to let the straight college boys know that they were embarking on an adventure to remember. With no outside communication (no cell phones, television or outside interference) and having to sign a waiver, the straight guys we believe were kind of scared to start the StraightCollegeMen experience, but they all went ahead with it.

With an ultimate prize yet disclosed, the StraightCollegeMen knew that this would be a fierce competition. Added to the complexity of this competition was that one of the straight college men competing in this exercise would be booted from the group even before stepping on the plane.

And the prize is: a brand new truck! And hence, the premise of all STraightCollegeMen gay videos .. there is absolutely nothing that a straight boy wouldn’t do on gay film to win a prize. First up on Day 1 of The Island, straight college men Duke and Ashton do it at the pond. Not only is this hot and sexy, but straightcollegemen actually video tape them eating each other’s cum by the pond. Yep, definitely nothing that a straight boy wouldn’t do on for an ultimate prize. Next up was Sonny and Broderick of StraightCollegeMen. Although not as mesmerizing as Duke and Ashton eating each other up, Sonny and Broderick did give it a good go. Surprises abound on this StraightCollegeMen gay video production, so check it out today.

Day 2 – The Island by StraightCollegeMen
Well, there is another scheduled kick-off of another straight college guy coming up on The Island Day 2 by Yesterday, Broderick had some troubles with Sonny initially. At 2am, things changed with this straight boy, and he made another run at the prize for sucking off Sonny pretty well. Because of the unpredicted cancellation by Denver, there was less need to kick another straight boy off, but the question was present to straightcollegemen. Although split, with most of Broderick’s support coming from Duke, watch The Island Day 2 to watch this drama unfold on Not only does a straight guy get kicked out of the competition, but there are some hot and raunchy scenes coming in this Straight college men gay video.

Day 3 – The Island by Straight College Men
Even before The Island Day 1, there was a preview of ‘Nine Straight Guys Are In a Competition For This” However, only seven of the nine straight guys made it to Day 1 of the gay video. After Day 1 and 2 pass, Day 3 of The Island brings two new faces (well previous straight boys from their days of winning the jerk-off contest). With Boston Paul and Brett arriving, the competition at straightcollegemen had definitely taken a turn for all the contestants. Briefing the straight boys on the competition and what is involved, they all headed towards a hot tub, where some naked gay guys were hanging out.

This was more of a ploy designed by straightcollegemen to get on the nerves of the straight guys and it seemed to work initially. At first, everyone, straight and gay boys were just drinking beers and goofing around until the horseplay and sex started. Boston Paul of straightcollegemen was first up trying to engage in some sexual activities and jerking off. By then all the straight college men were into it, with fingering, sucking and fucking all around the hot tub. With the mix of straight college men and gay boys, the chemistry was hot and unpredictable. With everything sexual going on, straightcollegemen filmed the likes of all these gay acts between straight college men and gay guys all night long. Think that straight guys wouldn’t do certain things? Think again!

Day 4 – The Island by
If you think Day 3 was hot, just wait until Day 4 when the real competition starts. The winner of this straightcollegemen gay video feature would get a new truck, so there is no holds bar in this video. With four pairs of straight college men and eight cumshots within two hours, what can be hotter than watching Lots of sucking and cum eating, these straight college men perform really well in this episode. More to come from The Island Day 4. In the meantime, you can go online to today and view all four days online with a membership! It’s definitely worth it.

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